Manufacturing and Installation of Grounding System, Lightning Protection System & Electrical installation.


Why Choose Us?

1. Knowledge

The current Management Team has in excess of fifteen years experience and during this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge concerning most aspects of our industry.

2. Customized Designs

We bring customized set of earthing and lightning protections devices for different types of soil conditions, areas and all aspects of natural development is studied for best electrical safety results.

We offers the most economical selection for low voltage,distribution-class arresters for overhead and underground applications in the industry.

3. Competitive Prices

Our Strong research and development of different soil, climatic and electrical conditions and market segment research has enabled us to bring a very reliable set of huge product rage, which enables us to cater customers with exactly what they need.

4. Warranty and Certified Products

All our product range are manufactured with special care and stringent quality parameters, we provide replacement and service warranty on our products against any manufacturing defects, More our products are Approved By CPRI, ROHS, National test house and more.

What Our Clients Say?